Used Walk In Coolers/Freezers
We are your full service walk-in specialist. Whether it is maintenance on your existing walk-in, reconfiguration or you need a new walk-in, our experienced staff can supply and install either new or used panels. In addition we can supply new, reconditioned or used refrigeration systems and subcontract the installation providing a turn-key solution.
Here is a partial list of the product and services we can supply:
 Walk-in products provided:
  • New Walk-ins coolers and freezers
  • Used Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Glass doors and shelving
  • Man and pallet Swing doors
  • Manual and electric Slider doors
  • Strip curtains
  • Vapour proof lighting
  • Reinforced flooring
  • Door hardware
 Walk-in Service provided:
  • Install, dismantle or reconfigure walk-ins
  • Repair doors, gaskets, and sweeps
  • Relocation of walk-ins
  • Re-caulk and repair damaged panels
  • Install or repair heater in freezer doors
  • Install walk-in shelving
  • Meat rail removal
  • Supply and install protective bollards and bumper rails
  • Supply and install new door hinges
  • Supply and install walk-in flooring